Destination wedding in India has become a popular trend making your day unforgettable & unique. As Indian weddings are famous for their unique rituals and their different range of tasty cuisines, people from all over the world like them. Therefore, it is necessary to get all the arrangements in the correct pattern, from transportation to accommodation and excellent food menu to guest services. You can take professional wedding planners’ help for a perfect destination wedding and determine destination wedding packages.

Nowadays, destination weddings in India are normal. Destination wedding means; having the wedding at the couple’s dream destination. If you are one of those who loves traveling, a destination wedding is your option. Here, in this article, we have discussed the benefits of destination weddings in India.

Why is destination wedding popular in India?

You can have a dream wedding at your desired location to have an unmatchable experience on your wedding day. Hiring experienced wedding planners will be a wise option. First, discuss every important detail, like destination wedding cost in India, to plan & execute the wedding accordingly.

Planning Can Be a Breeze:

Destination wedding planning can cause lots of stress & anxiety if you try to do it without assistance. But with the aid of professional even company, you can have the beautiful settings of a tropical paradise to comfort your nerves. Whether you have intimate gatherings for twenty people or a large one with around two hundred people, with a professional event company’s help, you can get an organized event in your way. So, get the assistance of dedicated wedding planners to get the right help on your wedding day. Whether looking for a cheap destination wedding in India or a luxury wedding, hire experts only.

Save Money

With the option of a destination wedding, you can save loads of money as it is cheaper than organizing a wedding at home. You won’t need to worry about the food cots, decorations arrangements, wedding cake, etc. Most destination wedding planners provide a package for every project at a reasonable cost. Consult an event organizer company to discuss destination wedding prices in India.

Wedding and Honeymoon in One

You won’t need to strategize two trips; you can book the resort until your honeymoon. You can stay there for the honeymoon when your guests leave the resort after the wedding. So, it is one of the essential benefits of destination wedding planning. Hire professional service to celebrate your day uniquely. Knowing the cost of a destination wedding will greatly help in arranging the money & labor to execute the plan.

Longer Celebration

Usually, weddings are considered a single-day celebration. You must have seen the bride & groom live with their guests for a particular part of the day. With destination wedding planning, you can stay more with your family members & friends, allowing them to get more enjoyment and celebrate this special day. Whether the trip lasts four days or more, you will have all sources of enjoyment like a spa, luxurious washrooms, delicious cuisines, and much more. Even you and your family can click beautiful memories at the attractive destination. It will be a great experience to capture all the beautiful memories at your dream wedding destination. You should hire a wedding planner to get the expected wedding results.

More Intimate

A destination wedding is an excellent option for couples who prefer to celebrate the event privately. Also, you can invite your close friends & relatives to your wedding. It will also reduce the wedding expenses by narrowing the guest list.

So, suppose your clients want to invite only close relatives & friends. In that case, destination wedding planning is a great option to trim the extra people and celebrate this special occasion with a few people.

Are you planning a destination wedding in India? You must want an attractive destination with a beautiful ambiance for weddings. However, destination weddings have become very common & popular due to their various meaningful benefits.

More Quality Time with Your Guests

If we compare it to a local wedding, you will have more one-on-one time with your guests while organizing a destination wedding. You can spend more time with each guest since the majority (or all) usually arrive at the venue at least a day or two before the ceremony and have nowhere else to be.

Especially if you have more than fifty guests, a typical wedding day can frequently feel hurried. Even many couples have complained that they didn’t get to greet many friends or family members!

What is a destination wedding?

A destination wedding is an excellent chance to spend extra time relaxing with each of the people who are most important to you. You can look for the cheapest destination wedding in India and benefit from quality services with professional event companies.

Benefits Of Destination Wedding:

Higher Spirits, More Fun

Having a destination wedding is a break for all your guests and you two! Guests will be more inclined to let loose and have fun because spirits are typically higher. When on vacation, everyone is content! Get the list of the most happening destination wedding venues with professional wedding planners and make your special day more memorable & unforgettable.

Less anxiety

Most people would assume that traveling a long distance to get married would make preparing and spending more difficult, but this is only sometimes the case.

Destination wedding locations frequently provide pre-made packages that include additional vendors like wedding planners, catering, rentals, and more — all for one included charge — because they know that their site is well-liked by couples from out of town state.


There is less to plan or spend money on if the venue or site you select is naturally scenic because you can keep the decor basic! Allow the locale’s characteristics to shine without adding unnecessary complexity to your wedding day. You can also enlist the best destination wedding places in India.


Often, guests at destination weddings are responsible for covering their travel and lodging costs. Some guests frequently decide not to attend the wedding because of this.

Although some guests will sadly be unable to attend, those who genuinely care about you will probably find a way to support you both.


A destination wedding is a vacation as well as a wedding. Couples who enjoy traveling can strengthen their relationship while exploring a new location and making enduring memories with loved ones.


Some couples even decide to travel to where their families originally came from. It is significant for couples to learn about one another’s heritage or local culture; some couples may even decide to include that culture in their wedding ceremony.

Single-Stop Store

Why not wed in the location of your dream honeymoon? Beautiful surroundings, less preparation and travel time required, and you may start your honeymoon earlier. Win-win situation!


Most couples choose a destination wedding to spend quality time with their family & friends. It helps rebuild the bonds with the family members and celebrate their love in a particular destination they adore. Moreover, destination weddings are celebrated to share the love with the guests while building memories of their wedding. There are lots of beautiful & attractive destination wedding locations to choose from in India. So, hire a professional wedding planner agency and tell them your preferences.

Recently, people have been opting for new trends for getting married to make it the most memorable day of their life. As everybody wants to get married in different styles making your special day look like a dream, you may choose a unique wedding theme with the help of professional wedding planners.

A professional wedding planner can personalize a wedding theme according to your choice, needs & preferences. You may choose the best one as endless possibilities are waiting for you. Since the event management company can assist you with various options, you can sit & relax during the whole wedding planning. They can arrange everything in order, be it a wedding stage, decorations, or entertainment. They can even get help in getting the designs for wedding planning bookings.

1. An Enchanted Entrance

Every bride is looking for unique ways for a grand bridal entry. Previously, the bride used to go alone to the mandap for the wedding ceremony. The trend has changed; people are making the bride’s arrival more exciting and attractive. So, to make your day more special, you can follow some powerful bride entrance ideas. If you hire professionals, they may opt for Palki Ride, Dance Entry, Flower Path, Smoke Bombs, Flower Shower, and many more.

2. Catering Ideas

Every wedding is complete with delicious cuisine as the meals play vital roles in a successful wedding. With professional help, you can get everything in order from drinks to appetizers, main course to desserts, making event brainstorming for both parties. Since you have the internet & digital media, you can explore thousands of food varieties and discuss your preferences with a professional event management company to have a memorable experience on your wedding day. Hiring event planners can assist you in having a wedding planning checklist to determine that everything is perfect.

3. Decoration that’s Divine & Distinct

What makes a wedding wonderful are the decorations. Your visitors anticipate some creative decorating ideas for your celebrations. You might look at some of the peculiar yet endearing décor suggestions for your venue to help with this. Planning a budget wedding is one of the greatest traits of hiring professional wedding planners.

4. Request Guidance

Asking for suggestions will make your wedding more enjoyable. You can produce original printed cards asking for future-related suggestions. Ensure that each of your guests receives a card, and instruct them to write a suggestion for the bride or groom or anyone they like to give. Ultimately, this will be a terrific idea, and you’ll discover the sincere counsel they want to provide you. Indian Wedding Planning is always critical; therefore, you can take the aid of professionals.

5. Wedding Reception Setting

You should change your seating arrangement now that the food and décor have been handled. You can offer enough room for your visitors with various banquet hall seating arrangements. Yet, the setup is not everything. Also, you need some coordinating seats and tables.

6. Set a DJ Request Box

You cannot imagine a celebration without music; it is the most crucial event component, including weddings and parties. Put a box on the table where the DJ is playing, add a creative caption, and write a DJ request box to do this inventively. Others will inevitably arrive and start playing their favorite tunes. It will be a great way to listen to the music according to the guests’ choice.

The cost of planning a wedding will depend on what you want on your wedding day.

This information will help you organize your wedding day perfectly according to your choices and dreams. Consult India’s Top Wedding Planners to get your marriage arrangement in the most precise way.

Destination weddings have been in trend for a long time. Today’s generation wants to experiment with something unique & new so that they can have the best wedding day ever. Having a dreamy wedding day is something that everyone wants to make memorable and long-lasting. What is Destination Wedding? When your friends and family gather together to celebrate the special occasion at certain place. You may call it destination wedding.

Suppose you believe in the most significant Celebration and love traveling to create unforgettable memories with your closest friends & relatives. In that case, a destination wedding is a perfect idea.

There are so many happening places in India to consider a dream wedding destination for your special day. Here, in this article, we have discussed the top reasons to choose destination weddings over traditional ones. Get amazing Destination Wedding Ideas by hiring a event planner.

1. Leisurely to Plan

Destination Weddings Planning is a challenging but beautiful ceremony that connects two families & souls for a lifetime. However, it thrills and excites the family members. Still, you must recognize that it is a very tedious task as it involves many traditions & ceremonies. Recently, couples have wanted to celebrate this moment of their life uniquely; therefore, hiring professionals who can plan your dream wedding to match your expectations is ultimately a great decision.

They can plan your destination wedding very quickly as they have all resources and healthy strategic wedding plans suiting your budgets & styles. Choose the Best Place for Destination Wedding.

2. Affordable

Weddings cause expenses; it is a well-known fact that everybody is aware of. When you pick a traditional wedding method, you have to invite your closest friends and family along with a massive guest list that may increase your budget prices. But if you choose a destination wedding, you will have your reasons for not inviting all the people but only the closest friends & relatives.

Moreover, by choosing a perfect destination, you will allow yourself to create a small & fancy celebration. You can combine your wedding and honeymoon location in one. Your wedding contractors may help you also get a complimentary upgrade and a discount on accommodations for your friends & relatives.

3. Open the Doors to Creativity

Suppose you are looking for something unique & innovative for your wedding day. In that case, a destination marriage will be the correct choice. It will make your special day unforgettable by offering a different & quality experience.

Additionally, a destination wedding can provide numerous options for different venues. You can complete your desires, be it wedding theme, forum, etc., with the help of professionals to access unique things that might not be available in your home town.

4. Stunning Photo Shoot:

Today’s generation loves to capture beautiful photos and wedding shots to store memories till the last breath of your life. There is a significant difference between taking memorable wedding shots of locals and clicking exclusive photos of destination weddings. Explore a destination with stunning places for pre-wedding shoots so that you live each moment and experience it through gorgeous photographs.

5. Well-Planned Guest List:

A destination wedding allows you to shorten your guest list and invite only those close to you. These weddings bring your dear & near ones closer to you as now, they know their importance in your life. Get Intimate Wedding experience by hiring professionals services.

6. Affordable:

Destination weddings let you plan your weddings in the most affordable ways. You will have a smaller guest list, and you can get a discount on accommodation and catering that will reduce your expenses.

Your friends and family will be very excited as they can travel & experience a new place and enjoy such a beautiful event.

Summing Up:

A destination wedding can provide endless opportunities to create your wedding day more special and memorable so that you can remember it for a lifetime. You can hire a professional wedding planner so that you & your family can enjoy each other’s company without any stress. The wedding contractors will do everything to make your wedding event successful.

Attractive Celebration is the ultimate choice for weddings & events. They offer a wide range of services and save you time & money. Being a leading wedding management company, we organize everything so parents can enjoy their daughter/son’s wedding day with peace of mind.

It is your special day, so everything should be extraordinary, from decorations to the venue, from enjoyment to food. Your wedding food should be excellent so that everyone will remember the taste for years.

Finalizing the food and drinks for your special day may take a lot of work due to the infinite varieties. For example, small servings, big plates, traditional or non-traditional meals, or personalized drinks according to the bride & groom’s choices. Food is the most crucial part of an Indian wedding; therefore, try to choose diverse and culturally appropriate food to make your wedding even more special & exciting.

In this article, we have tried to suggest some unique meals option to serve the guests at an Indian wedding. We help you provide the Best Menu for Weddings.

Vegan Food:

As people are opting for vegetarian & healthy lifestyles involving a vegan diet. A vegan diet does not include any dairy products or meat. However, it is tough to create a vegan diet in India. It is so because India’s dishes depend on dairy products. But if you want something unique, you can include this food in Indian Wedding Food.

Sharing Platters:

Since Indian citizens are aware of not wasting food at weddings, sharing platters have been trending daily, which is also comfortable for the guests. They can enjoy everything in selected portions and help reduce food wastage. Our Catering Services Weddings will match any event.


It is another excellent food choice; it offers a great look with fantastic taste. This decorative food item does not need too much hard work to eat. It is very convenient to eat, and guests will taste a unique, tasty & flavored dish in a single mouthful. It is a fantastic dish to add Indian Wedding Food Menu.

Food Wedding Favours

Indian weddings are always exhausting as this event gets stretched for several days. You should also consider the midnight snacks, as guests must sit the night to attend the ongoing rituals. This option will be helpful to both the couple and the guests.

DIY Drink Station:

Let the guests make their drinks. Arrange a DIY drinks stall and employ a person to help guests with the flavors. But the most remarkable thing is that people should create delicious concoctions. Go through our Food Menu List for Weddings and determine the best only.

Edible Cutlery:

It is one of the unique ideas if you serve the starters with edible cutlery that will minimize the need for crockery. It is a healthy option too. Show how creative you are and do the food platter with edible crockery.

Endless Desserts Table:

Every Celebration is incomplete without a dessert station. Arrange a dessert table separately, including chocolate balls, fresh fruit & cream cups, offering a mouth-watering taste.

Create an eye-striking plating beautifully so the guests will fall in love and remember you for a long time. Put all types of famous desserts on the table systematically that offer a great appearance and mouth-watering taste.

Healthy Dishes:

Every wedding menu includes lip-smacking heavy, calorie food. If you want something unique, you can add healthy, delicious, and lip-smacking food such as flourless cakes and noodles, mock meats, gourmet salads, wraps & rolls using healthy foods without ingesting extra calories.


This Indian wedding food will surely slay your wedding event. You can take the assistance of professionals to know what is trending and what is not. You can also ask your friends to determine the most trendy dishes recently. Make your wedding more happening by serving lip-smacking foods at the event.

Attractive Celebration provides innovative ideas for luxurious weddings offering excellent services from decor to the best catering services. Want to know more? Contact us today.