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Cost of Palaces for a Destination Wedding in Udaipur

Do you have visions of a magical wedding in a far-off place? The Indian state of Rajasthan has the city of Udaipur, which may be your dream travel destination. Owing to its regal palaces, tranquil lakes, and abundant cultural legacy, Udaipur has emerged as a leading location for weddings. But it’s important to know the prices before you begin organizing your royal wedding in this charming city. The numerous costs related to organizing a destination wedding in Udaipur will be covered in this blog.

Recognizing Udaipur’s Allure for Destination Weddings

Known as the “City of Lakes” and the “Venice of the East,” Udaipur is renowned for its elegant palaces and tranquil lakes, which make it the perfect setting for a fairy tale wedding. The city’s romantic attraction draws couples from all over the world, and the magnificent royal architecture only serves to enhance this impression.

The Glory of Udaipur’s Palaces

The city is home to a staggering collection of old palaces that can be magically converted into wedding locations. The famous ones are as follows:

Jagmandir Island Palace: Situated on an island within Lake Pichola, this mansion offers an opulent and exclusive backdrop for a nuptial celebration. Couples looking for a distinctive experience are drawn to this venue because of its gorgeous architecture and lush gardens.

The Oberoi Udaivilas: This opulent hotel provides an extravagant experience for couples seeking royal service, even if it is not a conventional palace. Its expansive gardens and swimming pools make a stunning backdrop for an elegant wedding.

Fateh Garh: This historic Udaipur resorts for wedding blend the allure of the past with contemporary conveniences. It is popular among couples who want a peaceful, romantic wedding with expansive views of the city.

Cost Factors for a Destination Wedding in Udaipur

Venue Rental

When planning a destination wedding, the rental cost of the palace or other Udaipur wedding venues is the main outlay. The price can change drastically depending on the palace you select. October to March is usually the most expensive time of year for weddings.


It’s also important to consider how much housing your guests and maybe the wedding party will cost. Many of the palaces in Udaipur offer on-site accommodation, which might be more expensive but more convenient.

Beverage and Food

Feeding guests can be a significant financial burden. The majority of palaces have on-site caterers, and they frequently provide a variety of dishes. What you choose from the menu may affect the price per plate.

Decor and Entertainment

Your wedding’s décor and entertainment may add a substantial financial burden based on your tastes and the number of guests you plan to invite. In order to create a genuinely romantic ambiance, many couples decide to go all out in this area.


Another cost to take into account is the cost of inviting guests to Udaipur. This covers travel expenses, lodging, and any customized plans you choose, such as vintage vehicles or horse-drawn carriages for the bridal arrival.

Additional Costs to Consider

Apart from the primary fees previously mentioned, there are a few other expenses in destination wedding packagesto take into account:

  • Photography and Videography
  • Wedding Planner

Legal and Administrative

Costs: Remember that getting married in India entails legal obligations, which may involve paying fees and submitting papers.

Guest Activities: Your entire budget may increase with the variety of activities Udaipur provides your tourists, like boat cruises, sightseeing, and cultural encounters.

Miscellaneous Expenses: It’s important to budget for little things as well because they can add up, including presents, stationery, and unforeseen charges.

Tips to Manage Costs

Udaipur destination wedding can be very costly, but with good preparation, you can control your costs:

  • Set a Budget: Establish your spending limit in advance and rank your priorities.
  • Choose the Right Time: Choose a weekday or off-peak date for your wedding to save money on the venue and lodging.
  • Negotiate: Never be scared to haggle with suppliers and locations. Discounts could be available, particularly if your wedding is going to be big.
  • Guest List: Limit the number of people on your guest list to prevent paying too much for lodging and meals.
  • Local Vendors: Think about using nearby suppliers who might provide reasonable prices.
  • Plan in Advance: You might get greater prices if you make your reservations early in advance.


With its magnificent palaces, Udaipur destination wedding places are the ideal location. Nevertheless, realizing that desire may come at a high cost. When choosing to have a destination wedding in Udaipur, it’s important to carefully prepare, establish a budget, and take into account all of the related expenses.

Even if the expenses sometimes seem overwhelming, the unforgettable experience of being married in a castle near Udaipur’s tranquil lakes can’t be replaced. Thus, if you are prepared to make your desire come true, be sure to do extensive study and planning. With the goal of creating a unique destination wedding that will be remembered for years to come, Attractive Celebration is here to help you make the best choice possible in a destination wedding in Udaipur. Contact us and make your event unforgettable!