Destination Wedding Event

At some point in the planning process, every engaged couple entertains the idea of having a Destination Wedding — after all, who doesn’t get excited at the prospect of going somewhere gorgeous and unique to exchange vows? But at the same time, it can be daunting — can you actually pull off a destination do? Will your loved ones be supportive? If you find yourselves debating “should we or shouldn’t we?” or need to convince some VIGs (very important guests) to embrace your decision, we’ve got help. ATTRACTIVE CELEBRATION EVENTZ as your WEDDING PLANNER is here to take your big day on the road.


“As a ‘Wedding planner,’ We design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown. All in the name of LOVE.”
Perhaps you have dreamed of this day since you were little or find yourself in a whirlwind of wedding “unknowns” that you never imagined. You both have come to this place knowing this is where you want to be. We will take the time to learn your story, how you met, your passions, and then we become your “wedding curator,” overseeing your inspirations and dreams, but most of all, we are your guide along the way. Planning is about logistics and details and design is about discovery and creating your vision; weaving these two worlds together is what we most love to do! We would love to help you tell your story and guide you along the way!

Planning & Design

The very idea of a destination wedding is exciting for the couples. Tying the marriage know at some exotic location with your loved ones is nothing less than a dream come true. Destination wedding involves a lot of planning and for one or two individuals, it is a daunting task to manage. If you are apprehensive about how will you pull off your destination wedding then throw all your stress away as the best Destination Wedding Planner India, Attractive Celebration is here to make your destination wedding a garish and memorable affair.
Planning & organizing are the two quintessential steps in the destination wedding. Attractive Celebration will create a comprehensive planning for your destination wedding which will enclose the following elements-
1- Choosing the wedding venue
2- Management and unlimited consultation
3- Arranging all the eminent vendors
4- Creating a wedding proposal and the decoration for the place
5- Thorough rehearsal of the ceremony and dance event
6- Decor and reception arrangement for the wedding day
7- Creating a timeline of the various events of the wedding day

Couple in Waiting

Our Couple in Waiting package is perfect for the couple who wants guidance along the way and would like to ‘partner’ with us in creating their special day. We will act as your consultants, offering advice and support throughout the planning process and refer selected vendors. Two and a half months prior to your wedding day, we will take over all the details and when your big day finally arrives, we will direct the bridal party throughout the day and complete setup and breakdown so you can enjoy your moment and your guests!
1- Unlimited phone and email communication prior to the event
2- Recommend vendors
3- Address any concerns you may have with vendors or logistics of the day
4- Recommend activities for you and your guests
5- Vendor confirmation and coordination the month prior to your event and again, one week prior
6- Venue-specific staff checklist
7-Create detailed On The Day timeline for bridal party and vendor
8- Coordination and management of the entire wedding On The Day
9- Direct the bridal party throughout the wedding day
10- Assist in decor and reception set up the On The Day (alongside selected vendors)
11- Final payment and tip distribution as directed by our couple
12- Breakdown of décor, rental items, and personal touches and a goodnight to all!

On The Day

On The Day is perfect for the couple who has it all done – has the venue(s), contracted the vendors, selected the décor and details – and wants to be able to celebrate worry-free. Eight weeks prior to your wedding day, we’ll review all the work you have already done and taken over all the items included in the On The Day package.
1- Unlimited phone and email communication eight weeks prior to your wedding day
2- Address any concerns you may have with vendors or logistics of the day
3- Vendor confirmation and coordination the month prior to your event and again, one week prior
4- Venue-specific staff checklist
5- Create detailed On The Day timeline for bridal party and vendors
6- Coordination and management of the entire wedding On The Day
7- Oversee set up and breakdown of reception the On The Day
8- Direct the wedding party throughout the wedding day
9- Final payment and tip distribution as directed by our couple
10- Return of any personal items and a goodnight to all!

A big fat wedding in an exotic location with your better half in the presence of all your loved ones. Part of your dream, isn’t it? Here are 5 lovely destinations for your perfect fairytale wedding!

Goa Destination Wedding

A beach wedding, sunset wedding or a garden wedding, Goa will spoil you for a choice. Portuguese music and dance, firecrackers, jugglers and ravishing food will make your guests feel special. Pre-booking of wedding venue is highly recommended as it one of the most popular wedding destinations. Hiring a wedding planner will be an advantage as the arrangements will be taken care of and you will be able to concentrate on other things

Jim Corbett Wedding

Get married to the magnificent Jim Corbett sunset as a backdrop, its vibrant colors filling the sky, setting the perfect ambiance for your perfect occasion. Winsome Resort is the only resort in Jim Corbett National Park that can accommodate a wedding, reception or a ceremony for Your Valuable Guest.

Shimla Destination Wedding

Want a place which is both contemporary and conventional? Shimla is the ultimate place for you. A place cuddled up in the arms of Himalayas, it lures the mountain and snow lovers. Saying “I Do” in the midst of mountains with snow all around. Sounds romantic, isn’t it?

Udaipur Destination Wedding

Known as the city of lakes, Udaipur is a destination where most of the couples aspire to unite in a wedlock. It is also known as one of the most romantic and charming places in India. Contemporary or authentic, Udaipur offers both the options. Dreaming already to have a wedding similar to that in the movie ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’, right.

Lavasa Destination Wedding

Wish to have an Italian backdrop for your wedding? Lavasa is definitely an option which you should consider seriously. Located near Pune, this well laid out township is an amazing place to be at. Be it waterfalls, mountains or lakes, Lavasa is one of the most sought out for wedding destination away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The International Convention Center and a lot of hotels specialize in such events.

Agra Destination Wedding

Will it not be romantic to get hitched in the place which is known for Taj Mahal- an epitome of love? With a fleet of hotels and resorts offering lucrative wedding packages, it is certainly popular. People who want to feel Royal on their special day this place promises nobility and grandeur If you have too many dreams and expectations with regards to your wedding, then let us guide you to the best. We match your vision really well and leave no stone unturned in design as well as planning. We will be with you throughout and won’t leave you ever. Be sure of getting the best with regards to destination wedding in Agra. Right from all the arrangements and planning, our wedding planners in Agra will take care of everything. Rather than normal wedding, go for destination wedding in Agra as it will be filled with fun, entertainment and uniqueness. You will love everything about it & cherish it for long.