Summer Destination Wedding Venues

Experiencing Luxury and Heritage in Summer for Destination Wedding Venues

Indian weddings are famous across the globe because it has various things to offer: lovely ceremonies, fun-filled activities, and full-on entertainment. It is celebrated with great joy, enthusiasm, and happiness – Indian weddings are the best in signifying the traditional culture and are considered a sight for sore eyes. You will enjoy a palette of delightful cuisines and magnificent decor with a blend of vibrant colors. Attractive Celebration, being the best wedding company in Agra, has categorized the destination wedding planner packages into different categories for the ease of consumers.

With various seasons that we’ve witnessed throughout the year, similarly, auspicious dates for wedding seasons lie in summer because of muhurta. If you’re planning a destination wedding in summer and don’t want to ruin your special day in sweetness and heatwaves. The shocking thing is that Summers are unbeatable in some parts of India. With scorching heat and harsh sun, no one wants to step outside their AC rooms. You must hire the best destination wedding planners who guide you in suggesting the best wedding venues for summer.

We’ve mentioned some of the best destination wedding venues, especially for summer, which you can consider for your big day. Let’s have a look at them:-

WelcomHotel by ITC Hotels, Bay Island

WelcomHotel by ITC Hotels, which lies on Bay Island, has a beautiful rainforest island that provides a spectacular view of the Bay of Bengal. Tying a knot amidst beautiful rainforests is like a dream come true. It is a summer wedding venue for conducting different events and marriages. It is nestled in Port Blair in Andaman & Nicobar Island, which resonates with the beauty of a carefree island. You can contact Attractive Celebration for a luxury destination wedding planner in India offering affordable wedding packages.

It is built on the top of a hill and surrounded by a palm-lined shore – this wedding venue offers serene views on your special day, allowing you to capture awe-inspiring photographs. You can arrange your ceremony in a background of crystal-clear blue waters and breathtaking architecture. It is a perfect blend of peaceful serenity, sandy beaches, and endless blue skies to plan your wedding joyfully. If you’re running out of time, you can hire Attraction Celebration, as they assign you a destination wedding coordinator who takes care of everything from decorating the stage to organizing delightful cuisines.

Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kerala

Kumarakom Lake Resort in Kerala is the finest example of a gorgeous nature retreat surrounded by pristine greenery. It is nestled in the Kottayam district on the banks of Lake Vembanad. The best part is that Kumarakom Lake Resort is praised as the finest luxury heritage summer venue and India’s best summer wedding destination. The resort has a lot to offer, from an ayurvedic spa to a refreshing dip, and it depicts a true reflection of vibrant colors, and guests get a chance to learn about the significance of Kerala culture.

Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Alibaug

It is located between Mumbai and Pune, Alibaug, offering a picturesque coastal town view. Radisson Blu is a chain with a brand name known for offering luxurious stays and hospitality experiences. It is located in the heart of greenery and beautiful beaches, considered a perfect serene getaway from the scorching heat, allowing you to host your special day. It is one of India’s best destination wedding venues, perfect for celebrating wedding ceremonies filled with thrill, leisure, and elegance.

Wrapping It Up

With these summer destination wedding venues in India, you can make your wedding dream into reality. Each destination is a unique ambiance and charm with excellent hospitality services. Whether you’re opting for a royal luxury suite, a beach, a hill station, or a resort – India has many options that make your summer wedding an unforgettable memory. If you’re thinking about the destination wedding planner cost, it may vary from venue and what service you’re availing from them.