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How Much Does A Destination Wedding Cost In Jaipur ?

Hosting a destination wedding in Jaipur is only possible if you start planning early and with expert assistance. In contrast to organizing a wedding in your hometown, the problem with destination weddings in India or abroad is that you must start planning long in advance because “last-minute snags” still need time to resolve. When you need to know the exact number of guests to arrange cozy lodging and other services close to the event, RSVPs become increasingly important. Contact professionals to see the destination wedding cost in Jaipur.

This comprehensive overview plans your destination wedding in Jaipur. This article covers everything, including wedding costs, potential venues, and what to expect from a destination wedding in Jaipur. Let’s discuss the justifications, expenses, and specifics of your destination wedding in Jaipur.

Jaipur, also known as the “pink city” of India, is renowned for its fascinating and seductive surroundings. A destination wedding in Jaipur offers an incredible experience with unique Rajasthani culture and royalty features.

What you need to know about getting married in Jaipur while traveling abroad Because of Jaipur’s majestic palaces and important historical sites, your guests may find your destination wedding a wonderful occasion they will never forget. Also, we provide a selection of opulent venues for a great destination wedding, including majestic palaces, Havelis, and five-star hotels, which makes your event alluring and enchanting.

How much would it cost you to be married in Jaipur?

Jaipur Destination wedding costs may vary based on the location and the expected number of guests. According to the estimation, a destination wedding may cost 50 lakhs onwards, depending on your chosen venue.

While it’s essential to live within your means, there are some situations where spending more is acceptable to have a unique experience.

Before making a choice, think about your options. Even if your heart is set in a specific location, you must consider its surroundings. We have mentioned some of the top venues in Jaipur. Contact us for destination wedding packages in Jaipur.

Top wedding venues in Jaipur:

Taj Jai Mahal Palace:

Taj Jai Mahal Palace is among the best spots in Jaipur for a destination wedding. Because of its expansive gardens, lavish restaurants, and grand entrance, Taj Jai Mahal Palace is a fantastic location for destination weddings in Jaipur.

Depending on your demands, Taj Jai Mahal Palace offers several packages that may be altered to suit any budget.

Amber Vilas of Resort Pride:

Pride Amber Vilas has become very skilled at luring a substantial section of leisure travelers throughout the years. The resort reopens in 2022 to affluent guests looking for luxury and genuine local experiences. The resort has experienced a remarkable blend of modern interpretation and traditional components that evoke the rich cultural past of Rajasthan under the new name Pride Amber Vilas Resort & Conference Centre.

the ITC Rajputana, the Chomu Palace,

Jaipur Fairmont:

Tourists and travelers worldwide go to Jaipur, the magnificent capital of Rajasthan and known as the “Pink City,” to explore and learn about the Rajputana people’s rich history, illustrious legacy, and diverse culture.

The Fairmont Jaipur is an opulent living palace that artfully blends the grandeur of the past with contemporary conveniences. It glitters beneath the watchful gaze of the Aravalli hills, away from the noise and bustle of Jaipur city and gleaming with the history and culture of Rajasthan. The Fairmont Jaipur’s two hundred forty-five guest rooms, including seven imperial suites, are custom homes that reflect classic heritage characteristics.

The grand “Darwazas” from the Jaisalmer fort stand watch over the Fairmont Jaipur’s special approx. Ninety thousand square foot convention center.

Palace Oberoi Rajvilas:

Experience something unique at The Oberoi Rajvilas in Jaipur. A backdrop of classic buildings, beautiful gardens, and reflecting pools makes luxurious lodging, delectable meals, and leisurely times with your loved ones even more remarkable. Our welcoming, sincere, and individualized service enhances all of this.


Many couples have a tendency to cut corners while planning weddings, especially when it comes to minor things. You want everything to be well prepared because it’s your wedding. The ideal option, though, is to hire an event coordinator if you have a destination wedding in Jaipur coming up and a short amount of time. Get an estimation on the destination wedding package in Jaipur.

At Attractive Celebrations, our area of expertise is planning lavish destination weddings at various locations in Jaipur. We are Jaipur’s best destination wedding planners making your special day memorable & unforgettable. Call one of our professionals to handle all the small details to ensure a fantastic wedding.