Wedding Planner Cost

How much does a wedding planner cost?

Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life, but how to make it a perfect wedding? We recommend you hire a professional Best Wedding Planners in India to create the wedding day special with decorations and other stuff and for proper guidance on budget, style, timelines, and everything in the event.

Many people consider wedding planners as an additional spend-off at a wedding. Assuming they are costly and can cost more, people avoid event planners by doing work alone. But we will tell you this is not true; wedding planners are not an extra expense. They can help you reduce costs and free you from the burden and stress you may have during your wedding days. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest in Indian Wedding planners as they will sort out many things and know how to deal with problems. The best advantage is that you, your family, and your friends can enjoy the wedding entirely. So, the question arises, how much does a wedding planner cost?

What does a wedding planner do at a wedding?

Wedding planners do a lot of things in your wedding to create the most beautiful wedding. They provide solutions for every problem you have, including venue, foodstuffs, housing, and even taking care of your guest’s coming from the airport, so they take care of almost everything small to big.

  • Arranging sensible budgets according to your plans.
  • Detailing wedding favors for amusement
  • Decoration and planning
  • Execution
  • Menu design & Catering supervising
  • Budget and time management
  • Wedding photography & videography
  • Musicians and Dj’s
  • License and permissions

So, this is what they do; not only this, they manage to do whatever conflicts come their way. Once you hire wedding planner services, you are hands-free from the burden and stress of all these responsibilities. Anyone can get stressed and worried about making these things work correctly, and everything goes smoothly till the end. So, now the wedding planners will take all the responsibility and show you a good show!

Thinking how much will it cost? It all depends on the kind of wedding you are planning, a royal one, simple but classic, etc. Whatever the choice is, it all depends on this. Once you hire Top Wedding Planner in India, they will tell you what it will cost depending on your wedding day’s unique demands. Also, the company’s expertise and popularity may vary the cost of a wedding planner; a popular one may charge you more.

Therefore, if you are willing to have a destination wedding, the wedding plan may incur extra costs as the wedding team will travel too. 

What is the ideal time to choose a wedding planner?

It is better to book a wedding planner about 5 to 6 months before the wedding date so that the wedding planners can understand your ideas and wishes. But they also are experts in handling couples who visit only 3 to 4 weeks before their wedding day and, therefore, manage very well! Wedding Planner in India helps execute all the events and festivities surrounding a wedding seamlessly.

What services does a wedding planner’s fee include?

A wedding planner manages all the work for your wedding and helps you with budget planning and decoration for the event. Also, the wedding planner’s cost varies depending on the type of Wedding Planners in India you’re hiring, whether a full-service, a month, or a one-day planner. To know the wedding planner cost in India, contact us for more details.

These are some of the services that your wedding planner may conclude to the wedding planning package:


A wedding planner will spend about 30% of their time calling and emailing you and your providers. Consider your wedding planner as the “coach” of your vendor team, ensuring that your wedding professionals operate well together. Regular communication is a must for that.

Venue and vendor selection:

Your wedding planner has many connections in the wedding business and can assist you in choosing the ideal location and suppliers to help you realize your wedding vision. Frequently, your planner will be present during meetings and interviews with you and your vendors.


Planning a wedding involves a lot of paperwork. Unfortunately, it is the case the wedding planners will make sure that all of your contracts, timetables, budgets, and other related documents are organized and well-manged on time.

Wedding preparations:

There are many seemingly little duties, such as putting together invitations, setting up your favorite display, helping with your seating chart, and many more, going into making your perfect day, both before and on the big day.

Day-of coordination:

It’s okay if you don’t see your wedding planner often on your wedding day! Your planner will show up well before your ceremony and stay well afterward to ensure that everything goes according to strategy behind the scenes and that any problems are resolved quickly and discretely so that you and your spouse can relax and enjoy the day!

Post-wedding duties:

After the wedding, there is less work to do, only removing the decorations and clean-up. Ensuring vendors receive their tips, and everything is done nicely. Lastly, your wedding planner will ask about the reviews and how you liked their service.

Wrapping Up:

So, if you are planning to have a wedding planner for your wedding so that you are stressed and free from the whole responsibility, explore our experienced Luxury Wedding Planner in India. Our team has the experience and can handle all the small to big details that can make your wedding admirable. Don’t stress; Attractive Celebration is here to help you and take care of your wedding!