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How Much Does the Cost of a Destination Wedding In Jaipur?

If you are looking forward to making your big day unique and memorable by organizing it in Jaipur, then you are at the right place. Jaipur is the best wedding destination place that can make your wedding like a fairy. This place has magnificent forts, royal banquets, Jaipur marriage resorts,and other fabulous destinations to make your big day more memorable. Jaipur, being the capital of Rajasthan and having the royal culture, depicts the traditions and how it is connected with the royalty. But being aware of the associated expenses is one of the most important parts of organizing a destination wedding. To help you better understand what to expect, we’ll break down the costs related to a destination wedding in Jaipur in this blog.

Factors on which the prices depend are:

Here, we will discuss some of the actual factors that might lead to variations in the price. This includes


 It is necessary to be very careful with the wedding venues in Jaipur as this is the primary factor that might lead to significant price issues. There are many different kinds of destinations available, ranging in price from inexpensive to luxurious. The venue you select will ultimately determine how much it will cost. Here are some possibilities:

  • The Royal Palaces

As the name suggests, being royal in the same way, if you are choosing any of the Jaipur palace weddings like Umaid Bhawan Palace and Rambagh Palace, this offers an opulent setting for your wedding.

  • Heritage Hotels

Jaipur also has some retro-themed heritage that has warm surroundings, and this also gives you a royal feel by being on the budget. The development of this is stunning, and this is architecture with all the lush green gardens.  

  • Outdoor Gardens

You can also go with the outdoor gardens or Jaipur resorts for weddings on the list, which is super budget-friendly and also gives you an open environment to exchange vows with your loved ones. These gardens are also picturesque and will provide you with unforgettable memories to stay with for your whole life. 

Wedding Decor and Theme

Next in the que, after selecting the perfect venue and arranging the best accommodation facilities for your guest, it is time to choose the ideal decor for blossoming the wedding. Your wedding’s theme and decor can have a significant impact on your budget. There are many different decor options available in Jaipur, ranging from modern to traditional and from simple to lavish. A few elements influencing the cost of the decor are:    

  • Theme and Style

 There is a very recent trend that every event is now being arranged according to the theme. This also looks unique and brings togetherness in all the family members. 

  • Floral Decoration

There is no doubt that floral decoration brings freshness to your wedding and gives the decor a very simple and elegant look. Now, this also depends on what types of flowers you are investing in, whether it is imported or local flowers. 

  • Lighting and Drapery:

Lightning can also make your decoration look royal, but on the other side, this can be a little expensive, depending on your vision. 

 Catering and Food

The following essential thing you need to keep a check on is the catering and food that can make your budget high or low. If you keep so many dishes that a great chef makes, then the prices can be a little high. This is your decision about which type of course you want to keep at your wedding. You can also go with the option of choosing the wedding resort in Jaipurthat has the best food taste and quick catering services. 

Photography and Videography

This makes the event successful by making the best memories that are taken with a good quality camera and also from a skilled photographer. Photos will be the only thing that you will cherish in your whole life, so if you are hiring the best photographer who can capture all the random and sudden shots that can connect with every story behind that random click and take you back in time. The price of this depends on the rate they are charging hourly.

Wedding Planner

This is also your choice of which type of wedding planner you are hiring. If you are hiring a high-class or experienced wedding planner, then this can make your wedding memorable, but there are chances that the rate can be a little high. Also, note that a skilled wedding planner will check every tiny detail that will make everything run more smoothly.


A wedding’s entertainment needs to be included. With Jaipur’s rich cultural history, you can give guests an unforgettable experience by incorporating traditional dance and music performances.

Miscellaneous Costs

Apart from the significant expenses, other miscellaneous costs can make your marriage costly; this includes transportation, wedding gifts, invitation cards, and some of the other services that you may require.

Summing it up

Destination wedding cost in Jaipur is all about the arrangements you prefer to make every event successful. On average, the destination wedding in Jaipur might vary from 25 lakh to 1.5 crore depending on the type of wedding and accommodation you prefer. It is necessary to plan every occasion and to make every arrangement in the prior so that there is no more last-minute hassle, and this will make you enjoy every moment to the fullest.

In addition to that, also note that a wedding planner like Attractive Celebration can make your wedding more grand and thriving because of the great experience they have. To date, we have arranged many events, whether the big fat Indian Wedding or the engagement. Attractive Celebration hosts the event according to your choice, keeping the budget in mind. We have one motto to remember: this is not about the chargers or cost but the love that you will be making with your partner after a successful wedding. So, we must plan your budget carefully and prioritize what’s most important to you.