Wedding Photography at Indian Wedding

Ideas for Candid Wedding Photography at Indian Weddings

Like any other art form, Wedding Photography in India is often used for storytelling. What’s the best way to capture candid photos enabling photographers to click in the natural form, as there is no need to give poses for capturing photos in front of cameramen? Candid photography is the best way to reminisce old memories at Indian Wedding Photography. In this photography style, the photographer focuses on spontaneous or natural activity rather than the production and context rather than explicit messages.

The fact is that capturing candid photos it’s not easy at all. Photographers or cameramen can click photos of anyone, but it’s not essential that they will depict some story. Photography wedding pose always looks good in natural composition as no editing or effects are used in the candid pictures. When the next time you will click candid photos, you must try the effective ideas that are mentioned below:-

Capture Candid Photos in Burst Mode

We all are aware that it takes a lot of effort to click the perfect shot, and this especially suits candid photos.

Place your camera in burst mode to capture the memorable moments for unbridled laughter, romantic glances, or simmering tension. Keep your camera in the correct position, and then you can take continuous photos without disturbing the camera.

Move Around Your Subjects for Better Composition

When you click a candid photo of someone, you cannot ask for a better position. It isn’t worth asking them about the natural look as it creates the most awkward captures.

Stand up and keep the camera’s position in such a manner until the lens or subjects aren’t positioned correctly, and then click photos. Many photos taken in the same position are boring and irrelevant.

Practice Capturing Candid Photos in City Markets

Get up and bring your camera to areas where the hustle and bustle of the city, such as city streets, train stations, festivals, parties, and workplaces, are the best places to practice capturing candid photos.

This is the best way to enhance your exposure to ambient or natural lighting, interacting with various subjects. Also, it gives you a wide range of opportunities for candid shots when people are otherwise occupied.

Blend In

Candid photography captures a natural look as it requires that photographers be familiar with their surroundings. To avoid making your subjects uncomfortable while capturing photos, move around frequently without being invasive and avoid making eye contact with them. Instead, consider staring at something that is directly behind them.

Use a telephoto lens to balance personal space and your subject. Avoid flashlights or any other fancy light to provide a casual feel. Start with nearby surrounding elements to get things informal and don’t jump directly to the subject immediately, specifically in a public place.

Tell People to Relax and Calm Down and Acts as A Natural Looks

Encourage people to relax and calm down and come in a natural look. The best way to capture candid photos of someone is to remove themselves from the situation. Furthermore, request them they pose for a picture. Ask them to suggest some stances or to describe how they would stand if you weren’t present.

Pre-compose the shot

If you’re in a good position, try to imagine a potential position and get ready to shoot when the subjects are in the frame or interact with nearby surroundings.

Rich colors, strong contrasts, and exciting patterns are good for clicking candid snaps by placing your subject(s) against a background.

Moreover, you can put yourself in the middle of the action so people will enter your personal space and vice versa. When subjects are closer to you, you can snap more approachable and intimate candid pictures.

Ask People to Pretend They Are Not There

People will feel uncomfortable in front of the camera for an event or wedding photography. Already, they’re in the mid of guests creates uneasiness among couples. Couples are also cumbersome condition if they look in this camera position. They’ll attempt to strike a half-posed or uncomfortable pose. Inform the nearby people that you are clicking candid photography of everyone hanging around in these situations.


Powerful, Candid wedding photography grabs viewers’ attention right back to the moment it was taken, fostering a deep intimacy with the subject. Clicking interesting, unplanned, basic, and untechnical photos is quite tricky. But with practice, patience, and luck, anyone can learn how to depict authentic stories through the energy and rawness of a candid photograph.