Best Wedding Planners in India

Tips and Recommendations for Hiring the Best Wedding Planners in India


Hiring a wedding planner in India is the best decision of your life that will make your wedding extravagant by utilising the resources efficiently. For some couples, it’s worth investment but saves your money in the long run. This is possible only because event organisers have a vast knowledge of the wedding industry and are experts in making arrangements, from venue decorators to caterers. All these activities help allocate the budget wisely and save your money more than expected. When questing for wedding planners near me in India, it is better to look at websites, magazines, reviews, experience, and cultural understanding to hire the best.

Ask Your Social Network

When seeking a wedding planner, the first and foremost important step is to leverage social networking. Ask your friends, relatives, and family; they may help you suggest recommendations. Brainstorm your mind and think about the wedding you’ve attended and loved the most. You can ask couples about the event planner they’ve hired for their wedding.

Check Out Magazines and Websites

Along with social networks, perform thorough research by cross-checking websites and magazines and visiting the events organised by wedding planners. Magazines cover only featured articles about Destination Wedding Planner in India styles and specialities. Wedding Planners that are solely responsible for organising events and has listed comprehensive directories, phone numbers, and reviews on its official website. This helps couples to compare the price list of different planners. If you’ve seen a real wedding that is fixed in your mind and can’t get out of that, start searching for credits to find the planner who worked on it.

Discuss Budget and Fees

Before hiring a wedding planner near me, you need to discuss the budget and fees they charge for hosting the entire wedding. Before making commitments, you need to cross-check that you will get the same service that you have desired for your big day. You must figure out how much help you want from event organisers (only on wedding day, partial or full-service). The pricing may vary depending on the services you’re availing. Discussing the budget is the most important tip and recommendation you must remember while hiring a wedding planner. If you want to customise one of the wedding events by adding one package later, get a planner with customised pricing.

Trust Your Instincts

It doesn’t matter where research takes you in finding the perfect wedding planner. You can select the wedding planner where your instincts tell you you’re making the right decision without viewing past experiences or events. Your wedding planner is like your teammate. You feel like someone is standing beside you in your wedding journey to give the best vision to your life.

Past Events

Select the wedding planner that you’ve attended the weddings of your friends or family members. Attending the past event, boosted the couple’s confidence in identifying the planners’ creativity and ability to execute flawless weddings.

Summing It Up

After reading this blog, you will now get to know what tips to consider when hiring a wedding planner. It is better to select the wedding planner which wedding events you’ve attended in a friend circle or distant relatives. This is a long wedding list you will have somewhere in your notepads. At Attractive Celebration Eventz, we customise the wedding services per the couple’s requirements and ensure the big day is memorable for the future.